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Night at the Stadium

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Derek Jeter Presents Night at the Stadium

Written by Phil Bildner • Illustrated by Tom Booth

A baseball stadium comes to life in this magical picture book brought to you by legendary sports icon and role model Derek Jeter.

Seven-year-old Gideon is overjoyed to be at Yankee Stadium watching his favorite team win! And when the game is over, he’s going to get an autograph from his favorite player. However, Gideon gets separated from his family and then he tumbles into a secret part of the stadium. There he discovers a magical world where everything from the rakes and the hoses to the bats and balls to the food to the monuments in Monument Park has a story to tell. But can Gideon finally find his family and get the autograph he really wants?

An enchanting combination of Night at the Museum and Alice in Wonderland—with a little bit of Field of Dreams thrown in for good measure!—this book captures the excitement, wonder, and magic of your first trip to the ballpark!

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Day at the Beach

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Day at the Beach

Written and Illustrated by Tom Booth

Every summer, Gideon and his younger sister Audrey build a sand castle--together. But this summer, everything changes. Gideon is going to build the most spectacular sandcastle anyone on the beach has ever seen. And he's going to do it all alone--without help from pesty Audrey.

But much to his surprise, Gideon discovers that building together is fun and that everyone has their own unique talent when it comes to creativity and imagination, even Audrey.

Author and illustrator Tom Booth brings his own unique gifts of creativity and imagination to Gideon's latest adventure.